Origin Contents Of My Favorite Game

Volleyball game was created by William B Morgan in 1895 in Holyoke (eastern U.S.). William B Morgan is a physical education coach at Young Men Christain Association (MCA). The contents volleyball history origin of volleyball game. (Volley Ball | History, Definition, Techniques, Rules, Paper, Article Size Field). Volleyball game in America's rapid, so that in 1933 the YMCA volleyball hel national championships.

Here's origin contents of my favorite game. Then the game of volleyball is spread throughout the world. Contents history origin of volleyball game. In 1974, volleyball was first contested in Poland with a lot of participants. Then in 1984 founded International Volleyball Federation or Internationnal Volley Ball Federation (FIVB) which at that time consisted of 15 countries and is based in Paris.
Volleyball game contents very fast development, among others due to:
  • Volleyball game does not require a large field.
  • Easy to play.
  • The tools that are used to play very simple.
  • This game is very fun.
  • Possibility of accidents is very small.
  • Can be played in the wild or in a confined space.
  • Can be played by many people
Volleyball game entered Indonesia in the Dutch colonial period (after 1928). Development of the game of volleyball in Indodesia very quickly. These are contents of the great origin of volleyball game. This was evident at the National Sports Week (PON) to-2 years, 1952 in Jakarta. Until now contents volleyball games including one official sport competed. In 1955, exactly on January 22 established organizations Volleyball Indonesia (PBVSI) by its chairman W. J. Latumenten. After the parent organization of volleyball, then on the 28th to 30 May 1955 and the congress held the first national championship in Jakarta. That's the origin contents of my favorite game. Click here for complete information volleyball history.

By looking at the development of the game of volleyball so rapidly it is right that the government chooses to play volleyball as a sport education in schools. Just in general volleyball game little difficulty in introducing the young students. The difficulty lies in the basic movements volleyball game and also contents history origin volleyball game.

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Origin Contents Of My Favorite Game